Server for broadcasting a TV channel in 3 or more languages

"We will be trilingual - it's not because someone's whim,

Life forces.

The state language is the language of the people, where we all live, we need to know.

We need to know English, because it is the language of science, innovation.

And you need to know the Russian language, where we learned to speak and understand each other, and the language of our big neighbor! "

Nursultan Nazarbayev said on March 1, 2016 at the solemn event dedicated to the Day of Gratitude.

A ready-made solution for TV channels,

Multilingual automated television broadcast.

This proposal is based on the need to broadcast TV channels on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in several languages.

One-time transmission of several audio tracks on the air in synchronization with the video. To attract viewers to the channel speaking in Kazakh and Russian languages, using the automated aether technologies, allowing in digital format to broadcast a channel with two or more audio stereo tracks. Digital transmission of data allows you to convey a few audio tracks to the viewer without losing quality over video and audio. Televisions of new generations (from 2010), allow viewers to choose on the television channel they receive the language that they are comfortable for viewing.

To implement the project, a dubbing studio is required, which will duplicate all the channel content for the air. Simultaneous interpreters for live broadcasts. Equipment for dubbing. Ether equipment for the task of the channel. And the staff of the creative and technical departments.

The main advantage of the TV channel in front of all other TV channels is that to view both in the original language (Kazakh) and in Russian, switching the language with the help of a television remote, the viewer will enjoy viewing the broadcast in an accessible and understandable language.

The advantage of being the first TV channel to provide its channel in several languages at a time will become the Leader who realized and implemented a new trend in television.

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