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Introducing SLAdsRemover plug-in is a video player with lightweight functionality for solving the task of "cutting" ad units in accordance with new amendments to the law on advertising in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"Cutting" advertising can occur both in manual mode (by the operator of the air, by an external GPI event) or in automatic mode (DTMF, SCTE35, VITC, sound or video punching, etc.).

Various types of signals can be used: IP, ASI CVBS, YUV, YC, RGB, SD SDI, HD SDI.

Application logic:

• The beginning of the ad unit is determined (by the operator's command or by the label)
• The video clip-video start-up (in the looped mode) or the static picture (graphic file-splash) starts.
• The output to the relayed signal can occur at the command of the operator, on the label or after a predetermined time interval (timeout).

One application SLAdsRemover will allow to work with several channels of "cutting" advertising.

The program works on the architecture of "client-server". This means that closing the program window does not interrupt the replacement of the advertisement.

The number of channels that can be processed on a single video server depends on the system's performance, such as the compression of the signal (AVC / MPEG2 for IP / ASI streams) and its resolution (SD / HD).

AutoDetect software can be used to automate the "cutting" of advertisements on labels without the operator of the broadcast. The following types of labels can be used to determine the beginning and end of an ad unit:
• DTMF labels
• sound fragments of the adverts of the ad unit (jingle)
• video clips of the adverts of the ad unit
• "23rd line" technology (special signal in the first visible line of the image)
• labels in VITC (in the visible part of the image)
• labels in the transport stream (SCTE standard 35)
• Labels transmitted in Teletext (X31 Teletext, Packet-31)

If there are no DTMF tags on your TV channel, you can always use the audio or video of the advertising screen saver.

In the near future, it is planned to add a way to recognize by the logo (lack of advertising).

More information about the AutoDetect software:

Attention: the license for the work of AutoDetect software is included in the license of the SLAdsRemover plug-in.

The cost of the SLAdsRemover plug-in, depending on the type of compression and resolution of the output IP stream:
SD MPEG2 - 900 USD per 1 channel.
SD AVC - 1200 USD for 1 channel.
HD MPEG2 - 1350 USD for 1 channel.
HD AVC - 1800 USD for 1 channel.

The general license of the plug-in SLAdsRemover for one channel includes the following licenses:
• on the actual "cutting" of advertising (the work of the application SLAdsRemover)
• AutoDetect software (cut to different labels)
• Encoder (IP stream generation)
• to use the SLIpInputLayer plug-in (a more convenient way to programmatically preview the input stream, the ability to write the input IP stream to files).

The SLAdsRemover plug-in supports the work with Teletor solutions (multi-channel signal monitoring systems TeleSCREEN).
More information:

In the near future it is planned to add funds for "cutting" non-traditional advertising in the form of a banner on a part of the TV screen.

Brief instruction on setting up the SLAdsRemover plug-in:

Attention: for getting links to current versions of software with SLAdsRemover support, you should contact the following e-mail addresses:

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