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Union of Composers of Kazakhstan.

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18 мая 2016 года

Interview Balnur Kydyrbek about music and composers.

May 18, 2016.

Announcement of the author's concert

Composer of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kydyrbek Balnur Balgabankkyzy.

May 18, 2016, in the city of Almaty.


Balnur KYDYRBEK is one of the leading composers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The chairman of the Union of Composers of Kazakhstan (public association "Kazakhstan composer lair қауымдастығы"). Composer B. Kydyrbek is the author of more than 500 musical compositions, including chamber-instrumental, symphonic works, music for children and youth, songs, pop and applied music.

       B. Kydyrbek was born on June 13, 1955 in the city of Almaty. From 1962 to 1973 she studied at the Republican Secondary Special Music School named after K. Baiseitova, from 1973 to 1978 she studied at the Almaty State Conservatoire named after Kurmangazy, in the class of Professor K. Kuzhamyarov. And there she also passed an internship assistant (1978-1980). B. Kydyrbek over these years not just passed the appropriate training course composition. We can safely talk about her becoming an original talented composer. By that time she had written symphonic cuies, opera "The Song of Noise", a great number of chamber works. After graduating from the Almaty State Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, she worked in the staff of the Union of Composers of Kazakhstan and the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The composer works in almost all genres. B. Kydyrbek became the first domestic composer who began to write music in the genre of brass band. "Festive overture", "Funeral kyu", divertissement "Duel" were included in the repertoire of all brass bands and were successfully performed throughout the entire space of the then Soviet Union. In 1987, for works for the orchestra of wind instruments B. Kydyrbek was awarded the title of laureate of A.Aleksandrov Prize. She created symphonic poems "Bekbolat", "Resisting the Fate", "Erlik", etc., two concert programs for the orchestra of Kazakh folk instruments were prepared. The author works a lot in the field of chamber and variety orchestras. The composition of B. Kydyrbek "Why the swallow has a tail with horns" became the first Kazakh national children's ballet. The ballet "Nauryz meyram hikayasy", written on the theme of the famous Kazakh fairy tale, won the Grand Prix of the contest "Astana-Bjtirek".

Creativity of the composer differs genre diversity, colorful, bright software. The author wins the inexhaustible fantasy and breadth of the thematic spectrum. Music composer B. Kydyrbek emotionally saturated, colorful. The musical language is unique, original and at the same time very democratic - understandable to all segments of the population. The creative handwriting of the composer was developed as a result of fruitful and inquisitive work on Kazakh folklore (more than 150 folk songs were processed), and was the result of the author's deep penetration into the intonational, rhythmic structure of folk songs, especially the songs of the Zhetka edge. The composer skillfully and organically translates folk-song intonations into his own original compositions.

The outstanding composition of composer Balnur Kydyrbek is the opera-ballet "Kalman-Mamyr", written on the same poem by Shakarim. The action was based on real events that took place in the 16th century in the genus Tobyty. This work is deeply innovative in Kazakh music, written in a synthetic genre, where the dramatic top is achieved by means of opera, and the colorfulness is transmitted through the ballet. On January 19, 2007, the premiere of this work was staged on the stage of the N.Bayseitova NTB. The place and role of opera-ballet "Kalman-Mamyr" for Kazakh art is very significant: it breaks through a deep, almost twenty-year-old veil of stagnation in the National Classical Art.

Composer B. Kydyrbek's "Requiem" is the first national composition in this global genre. "Requiem" is based on the ideas of unity, peace and spiritual harmony, tolerance of different religions and religions. The canons of the genre (the Catholic Mass) are generally observed. But here there is an Orthodox banners melody, a Buddhist choir, the work opens with the Islamic prayer "Kulhu-Alla", and ends with his Saka prayer of the 2nd century AD. (Tengrianism) in the Kazakh language with the apotheosis "Give, Tengri, prosperity to Kazakhstan, the Kazakh people!". Another comprehensive idea of the work is the continuity of generations, the connection of times, the high ideals of serving our people. The example of six generations of one family shows how for 250 years the great idea of the independence of the people, the construction of its own Kazakh state, has been transmitted. In 2014, for the "Requiem" the composer was awarded the Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The personality of Balnur Kydyrbek is multifaceted. She is a member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, Candidate of Philology, she defended her thesis on the topic: "History and Modernity in the Work of Balgabek Kydyrbekuly." Journalistic articles written by her in Kazakh and Russian language are of interest to readers both as an original and original statement of the question, and the author's original and unique solution of the problem.

B. Kydyrbek worked a lot for the glory of her ancestor - the legendary Prince Kazybek Tauasaruly - commander, diplomat and poet. In the controversy that unfolded around the personality of Prince Kazybek and his book From the Source to My Days (Tүp-tұқiнанannan өзіме шейін), she came out victoriously with honor, scientifically substantiating and proving many points to which opponents appealed. The logical collection of this stormy controversy was the poetic collection "And My Voice Will Come Through the Ages" (Artқyғa, қaldyra alsāң, sөzyі zheter) consisting of poems and poems of Prince Kazybek, prepared for publication by B. Kydyrbek and published by El Yorda Publishing House in 2002 .

Spent about a hundred author's evenings-concerts throughout Kazakhstan.

List of the main compositions of the composer B. Kydyrbek

- opera-ballet "Kalman-Mamyr";


Children's ballet "Karliғashtyң құyryғy nege ayyr";

Ballet "Nauryz meyram hikayasy";

The musical "Zhanұran";

Concert for trumpet and orchestra in 3 parts

symphonic poem "Bekbolat", "Kүyshі", "1932 zhyl», «Resisting the Fate», «Erlіk", "Five symphonic kyuis"; "Murat";

Cantatas "Kazakhtan Zhastary", "Ozhabergen zhyrau batasy";

Overtures "Zamandasқa Arna", "Merekelіk", "Altai-Atyrau Aras", "Zhastyқ", "Kok bayraғym, zhelbіre";

Orchestral cuies "Mn balasy Maiy bi", "Kyrgyz", "Baryli meni bairaym", "Ұяғаржан, жердің салқын-ай", "Серіктес", "Bal'аbek", "Omar saryny", "Ospan әуендері", "Серік" "Jannat" "Sardi toriay teplken ken", "Kerimsal";

pop song "Hafiz", "Baқytzhan", "Kazakhstan's hour", "Bayanқol", "Tyң Tynysy", "Aқtaylaқ", "Serіkbay", "Thanks to the orchestra", "Kөңіldі kun";

Divertimento for orchestra of wind instruments "inauguration", "Funeral kui", "Duel Shapyrashty Nauryzbai Batyr with Kaskelen", "Aitys boys and girls", "Romance and Scherzo", "Baluan Sholaқ March";

Divertissements for chamber orchestra "Balғyn", "Aқtau saryn", "Ғasyrlyr үndesuі", "Өren", "development of leading", "Turki akademiyalyқ muziknің ATASU", "Deshtі Қypshaқ", "Gaukhar-kui";

Chamber works;


Music of cinema and theater;

Essays for children and young people;

Processing of Kazakh folk songs;

Anniversary concert of the year 2005, Composer of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kydyrbek Balnur Balgabankkyzy.



Composer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kydyrbek Balnur Balgabankkyzy.




Composer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kydyrbek Balnur Balgabankkyzy.

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